G.L.A.S. - Since 1976

G.L.A.S. was established in 1976 for pet bird owners and breeders. Our purpose is to promote proper companion bird care and to facilitate learning about birds in an encouraging, friendly and fun way. To that end, we offer monthly , four meetings annually, newsletters that include articles on bird care and lots of other interesting information, special guest speakers, a well-stocked library for member use, and a support system to help each other as much as possible. Our meetings are very informal with a lot of great conversation about our birds, information presentations, and support.  We’ve had seminars with three nationally-known bird behaviorists, and in 2000 we hosted the Midwest Avian Research Expo, which was an international convention featuring many of the best and brightest individuals in the avicultural community.

We’re a diverse group that is bound together by our common interest – enjoying our feathered family members, and trying to make life better for all companion birds! Please come join us on the second Monday of April, May, September and October, at 7 pm. We meet at Grand Rapids Vet Clinic located at 2755 Fuller Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505. The building is handicap accessible and you do not need to be a member to attend a G.L.A.S. meeting. Healthy birds are also welcome, as long as they have been in your family for at least 30 days.